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Cindy Sheehan is arrested in D.C.

I suppose the hunger strike is next.


Although I disagree with some of the statements Sheehan has made, she deserves credit for her courage and persistence. This war has been wrong from day 1 and it is about time we bring the troops back home.

Blue Wind: Courage and persistence, eh? I'll grant you persistence, but it doesn't take courage to be a media whore.

Sometimes it does take courage to fight for what you think is right. Thats exactly what she does. In fact, she is right.

Ok, allow me to set a scenario for you. A mother and a son disagree with each other politically. The son goes and and enlists, not once, but twice, in order to fight for what he believes in. He dies fighting for what he believes. THAT is courage, Blue Wind.

Taking your son's death, your son who DISAGREED with you, and exploiting it to bring you into the media limelight--that does not take courage. That takes bad taste, and an inflated sense of self-importance.

Cindy Sheehan has become nothing more than an attention whore.

I don't think she was ever anything other than that, CRB.

This woman lost her son in a war that was based on false intelligence and, apparently, deliberate distortion of the truth. She has absolutely every right to do what she does. She is a person of high integrity. Her integrity is, in my opinion, higher than the integrity of many of the chickenhawks who took us to this war.

On what do you base the "apparently, deliberate distortion of truth" comment?

No one's denying that she has a RIGHT to do what she's doing, but then, I have the RIGHT to think that she's nothing but an attention-whore.

Then you go on to state that "she is a person of high integrity". And why is that, Blue Wind? Because she agrees with you?

I base it on the facts. This administration knew about Wilson's report before they went in Iraq, but they suppressed it. There was decision to go to war no matter what, but that was not the way it was presented to the country. On the other hand, I have not seen Sheehan lying. Thats why I say she is of higher integrity.

Blue, Joe Wilson's "report," as well as the circumstances he described surrounding it, were crap. He was himself forced to admit that he had perhaps "misspoken" about a number of things therein, and that led to his being fired from the Kerry campaign. Have you not heard this? It was in all the papers....

I dont know where you get your information from. What you said was kind of outrageous. For starters, Wilson is a REPUBLICAN and he was NEVER hired by the Kerry campaign. Second, what Wilson said to this administration BEFORE the war started, proved to be absolutely correct. Saddam never tried to get uranium from Nigger. Thats well accepted by now, and even Condi Rice and Bush have admitted it. I can see that you support the war and I respect that. But, please dont recycle Karl Rove-like propaganda that is reminiscent of proganda styles that were used in the Old Soviet Union :)

Nope, it's not outrageous. You're wrong, and I've discussed all of this at length on this very site, with supporting documentation from mainstream sources. Feel free to look around.

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