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Leftover bits

Bummer about Don Adams, huh? But who knew he served in the Marines in World War II? How cool is that?

And by now you've probably heard that Spain has sentenced an al Qaeda leader on a 9/11-related conspiracy charge. But did you know they also convicted an Al Jazeera journalist for collaborating with terrorists as well? I suppose no comment is really necessary.

And on the topic of the Roberts nomination, we have this quote from Eleanor Clift:

Here's a mind game: if the vote to confirm John Roberts were a secret ballot, would most Democrats vote for or against him? My guess is that Roberts would rack up numbers like Ruth Bader Ginsburg (96-3) and Stephen Breyer (87-9) -- both appointed by President Clinton -- if Democrats didn't have to placate party activists so angry at President Bush they believe he should be opposed at every turn.

Sounds about right.

And speaking of Ms. Clift, is anyone else going to be watching "Commander-in-Chief" tonight? I figure I'll give the premier a go, even though it's up against "House." Since Donald Sutherland usually plays slimy creeps these days, I'm guessing he's going to play the sinister, scheming Republican. Care to place any bets? I'm trying to decide if it's worth live-blogging or not. I'll probably just wait to see how I feel.


Well if one MUST be portrayed as a slimy, scheming dirtbag, one could do worse than Donald Sutherland.

I mean, c'mon...he was Sergeant Oddball. I can forgive an awful lot for that.

Not just a "sinister, scheming Republican," but a sinister, scheming, right-wing -- not to mention chauvinistic -- Republican Speaker of the House.

ASPCA/PETA disclaimer: No Republicans were actually harmed in the making of this true-to-life simulated drama.

I don't know if I can add another show to my schedule, especially another president show. I'm finally all caught up with "The West Wing". They're really dragging out the suspense on that show: Who's going to be the next president - the Republican Vinick (Alan Alda), or the Democrat Santos (Jimmy Smits)?

And that's in addition to trying to watch "Lost", "Desperate Housewives", "Nip/Tuck", "Rescue Me", etc.

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