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Tom DeLay

The House Majority Leader has been indicted on a conspiracy charge, and, as a result of House rules, will be stepping down from his leadership position.

You know what? When I search this very site for references to "Tom DeLay," I notice that I've been calling for his head for almost an entire year now. But no, that didn't happen. Instead, Republicans rallied around him, once even changing the rules to protect him before thinking better of it and changing them back. And to what end? What did it buy us? Another full year of crap like this.



You were right about him. The guy is going to end up in jail. The whole thing shows that many in the republican party are blinded from partisanship and they keep doing the wrong thing (i.e. supporting Delay). By the way, Frist is also under investigation. If he gets indicted too, you should re-consider being republican.

Blue, you can't be serious.

I will join the Democrats when and if their party platform is more in line with my own philosophy than the Republicans. I don't choose my party affiliation based on which group has the fewest indictments.

Did you consider changing your party when Clinton was impeached? When Dan Rostenkowski went to jail? When James Trafficant went to jail? When Jim Wright was driven out of office? When Bob Toricelli's troubles forced him out of office? When Web Hubbel pled guilty to felony lying? When Sandy Berger pled guilty to theft and destruction of classified documents? My guess is not.

ey Barry, from the other side....I'm trying to figure out what the big damn deal is. OK the comment about zer0-pork was bullshit and just maybe he IS an a-hole, but you wanna axe him just 'cuz the left is gonna make a ungodly stink?

Hey, big effin damn deal!!! Fork the left! The way it looks now, this indictment is some serious yamn-fodder, BFD. This is so boring it doesn't begin to rise to 'scandalous'

First of all Clinton's impeachement was a joke and you know it. Second, and most important, there is a huge difference between the ways the Democratic party deals with the crooks they find in their party and how the republicans approach similar issues. The democrats usually do NOT defend such corrupt individuals and they immediately distance themselves from them. On the other hand, look how the republicans reacted to the initial accusations against DeLay. THEY TRIED TO CHANGE THE RULES IN THE HOUSE TO PROTECT HIM. Thats so innovative that not even the Mafia of Al Capone would have thought of it. I am sorry to say but the republican party of today protects corrupt people in the name of "loyalty" and such "line" comes from the very top.

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