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Congress gets one right

By a vote of 283 to 144, the House approved a bill to protect gunmakers from massive, crippling lawsuits... and I'm pretty happy about it. I'm typically skeptical of bills that target a specific industry, but our Second Amendment rights and the health of our national gun industry are important enough to justify this legitimate exercise of authority over interstate commerce.

The anti-gun lobby, long frustrated by its lack of legislative success, has been attempting an end-run around the legislative process, pushing its agenda the old-fashioned way -- by suing.

That's not good. Bear in mind that we're not talking about lawsuits for a defective product, one that (say) blows up in the hands of the user. Rather, we're talking about companies being sued for a producing a product that functions exactly as it was intended. Ridiculous.


As John Henke put it, everyone gets protection but us bloggers.

BREAKING NEWS: Barrett, maker of the XM109 rifle, indicted for "war crimes" by The Hague...

(just kidding)

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