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Rescind Miers?

Damn! If I'd only trusted my gut and shorted Harriet Miers futures on TradeSports I'd be in the money already. I think people are finally realizing that the nomination is doomed.

National Review is calling for Republican Senate leaders to march to the White House, like Goldwater to Nixon, to tell the president that the jig's up.

I'm not sure I agree. Aside from the fact that it won't work, I'm not even convinced it's a good idea. It seems to me that much of the damage has already been done. Why not let her go down in flames, let the Democrats expend their ammo, and claim the scalp of a "non-qualified" candidate?

"We voted for Roberts," the Democrats will say, "But Ms. Miers simply does not have his qualifications." Bush can then nominate someone with a much stronger CV and deprive his opposition of that argument. If the Democrats go into attack mode again, Bush can claim (with some justification) that they are simply being obstructionist for obstruction's sake.

If Miers gets turboed by the Senate, both sides will feel an increased pressure to confirm the next nominee. On the other hand, if Miers' name is withdrawn, she will simply disappear and be forgotten. Everyone remembers Robert Bork, but who remembers Doug Ginsburg?


Remember the post-election comments by Specter that almost cost him the Judicial Committee chairmanship? You can bet that the White House is going to redeem that chit for use with the Miers nomination.

Politics at its worst.

Is it possible that she was put out there with full knowledge that the Democrats would shoot down ANYONE, as a way to get them to expend their ammo before the real candidate arrives?
Could Dubya be that clever?
...Darth Rove?

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