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Illegals out

People who are in this country illegally should be removed. So says Michael Chertoff.

In a sane world, it's hard to imagine that such a straightforward sentiment could possibly engender much controversy.

Something tells me it will, however.


You can bet your bippy this move will be hella controversial. Are we sure we really want to drain this swamp? (like this)

I bet Vincinte Fox could call this a direct attack on his nation's vital economic interests without a trace of irony.

Too bad Chertoff can't make this happen on his own.

Let's start with Chertoff's landscaping guys. ;)

How utterly racist. What, all landscapers gotta be illegal Mexican immigrants? Seriously, I do have a sense of humor, but I can't help but notice the Grand Wizard over there wanting to buy you a drink, Jill.

Yeah whatever. Let's see your green card, mr. "That Guy".

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