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No Confidence

Hopefully this post doesn't effect Barry's status as a "Blog for Bush", but I've now lost all confidence in this White House. Now that Harriet Miers has submitted her questionnaire, we learn that the White House considered her for the Supreme Court spot that went to the eminently more qualified John Roberts. After she smartly declined consideration the first time, they didn't ask if she was interested and just offered her the job this time around.

And if the Miers nomination troubles you, just wait. Chairman Alan Greenspan is leaving his post at the Fed after 18 years and this White House gets to choose his replacement. This is the one post where an unqualified crony really could do some lasting damage.

I can't wait to see who gets the nod. I mean, setting Federal Reserve policy really isn't all that different than running FEMA or sitting as a justice on the Supreme Court, right?


Barry, I agree completely. I would not be surprised if Bush appoint's for Greenspan's job his personal tax accountant from Texas. This administration has been disastrous for the country.

I'm CRB, not Barry.

Sorry, I did not realize that there are more than 2 people posting. In any case, I agree with you CRB.

CRB, like you, I have been disappointed by the Miers nomination.

I truly believe that what we saw here was W trying to prove that he would not replicate his father's gaffe with David Souter. In attempting to do so, he forgot that the nominee needs credentials beyond just 'knowing' that she would never change her views.

She needs heft, credence and a thorough understanding of the federal judiciary system.

She doesn't seem to have it from what I have gleaned so far.

It takes an exceptional President to be able to handle the responsibility (and resist the temptations) that come with one party controlling both branches of government.

He blew it, as far as I'm concerned. I already decided I'm not voting for him again.

And no, I won't change my mind.

CRB, I couldn't agree more.

recall Bush's gem at his press conference a week ro 2 ago when he said he is looking for a Fed Chairman with whom he has chemistry or rapport or something similarly stupis, as if that matters in the least bit.
Ol' Charlie from the Crawford Town Bank, who is in charge of the coin wrapper department, or maybe Emmy Sue, the head teller....can't wait..

My money's on Count von Count, from Sesame Street.

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