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Merry Fitzmas!

You'll not catch me mouthing one of those bland, PC platitudes like "Happy Indictment Day." Just give me the plain old traditional "Merry Fitzmas," thank you very much.

So here's the recipe:

  1. An increasingly unpopular second-term president
  2. An opposition party that's almost pathological in its obsessive hatred of said president
  3. A growing aura around the White House comprising five years' accumulation of near-scandals and rumors of scandals
  4. An ambitious, tenacious prosecutor who's loath to come up empty

Sounds like the makings for a great holiday, right? Well maybe. But for all the lefties out there who are already popping the champagne corks, I have one bit of advice:

These things are neither as fun nor as satisfying as you think they're going to be. You should listen to me on this one.


yes, they are. they ARE as fun as i think they're going to be.

Funny how a desire for accountability and respect for the law can be perceived as obsessive hatred.

How about future administrations just set the record straight by telling the truth? Given that there was plenty of time to do so in the summer of 2003, I still don't see the need to expose Ms. Plame's identity to the press even if "corrections" to Wilson's story needed to be made.


Clinton would've been all right if he just kept his pants on and then didn't lie about it. Members of the Bush administration will be all right if they didn't break the law.

Good thing they didn't, then, huh?

Except for number one on your list, this sounds exactly like the Clinton years.

Actually its EXACTLY like the Clinton administration. Bill's approval was hovering around Bush's current levels before impeachment and only rose afterwards. I'm glad you were able to get the point of this post without having to have it TOTALLY spelled out for you. Sheesh!

In contrast to Bush, Clinton's approval ratings reached their low points in his first term (in 1993/1994) and were above the 50% mark for his entire second term. The Gallup approval numbers actually rose to 69% after the first news of the Monica Lewinsky investigation and stayed high throughout the impeachment process.

The only thing that the trajectories of the Bush and Clinton approval numbers have in common is that Clinton's job approval dipped when wars in Somalia and Kosovo were not going well. If the War in Iraq comes around, then Bush's numbers will also recover.

Hello, Other Guy. Am I the good or evil twin?

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