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One court. Two Ginsburgs?

Now that Harriet Miers is looking more and more like yesterday's garbage, David Bernstein has an interesting idea: reappoint Douglas Ginsburg.

I've always been a fan of Judge Ginsburg, and I thought he got a raw deal when he was forced to withdraw his name following an admission of past marijuana use. Those revelations seem almost quaint by today's standards, and I think there would be a certain justice in reappointing Ginsburg if Miers drops out of the picture.

Naturally, I would have assumed that Ginsburg would be a little long in the tooth by now, but he's still only 59! Hell, what was he when Reagan appointed him, like, twelve??

The pick should mollify conservatives by virtue of the fact that he was a former Reagan pick. He'd also be a good antidote for the experience-challenged Miers. He has the same resume he had in 1987, plus twenty years on the Court of Appeals.

I have to say, it's an interesting idea.


Actually, I like this idea. Unlike many of my compatriots on the left, I realize that we're not going to get a progressive nominee out of George W. Bush. A Reagan nominee would be a downright lefty compared to some of the other, more vile choices Bush could come up with -- like Janice Rogers Brown, Miguel Estrada, or Priscilla Owen.

I think Ginsburg would sail through. I could live with this pick.

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