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News from Iraq

Iraq's new constitution passed...   BUT...GRIM MILESTONE REACHED!!!

Welcome to today's news media.


Cue Cindy Sheehan...

I hope when she now follows through with her 2000th death celebration of tying herself to the White House fence that they don't immediately arrest her and just leave her there. Does it count as a protest if she unties herself to use a restroom or to eat her catered food?

I dont think is funny. Certainly this cartoon is very bad taste. You may believe that the Iraq war was justified, but the majority of Americans and the world do not think so. These 2000 Americans and tens of thousands of civilians have died in a war based on false intelligence. That says a lot.

Right, Blue Wind. Those 2000 people sure would have been ashamed to know that they died so that the Iraqis could vote in their own democratic constitution.

Oh wait. They volunteered to fight for those kinds of results.


Adam. No. These people did not volunteer to fight for Iraqis to vote. They volunteered to fight to protect our country from an imminent threat. The problem is that this threat never existed, and, from what we learned later, the Bush administration deliberately misled us to believe so.

Yeah yeah yeah, we've heard it all before, Blue. It's not getting any more based in evidence the more you repeat it.

But let's let bygones be bygones. Aside from your feelings on our evil president who connived to trick us into bringing democracy to the middle east, what are your feelings on the progresso of Democracy in Iraq?

If, twenty years from now, Iraq is a functioning democracy that began these historic moments, will you still tell the young of that day about those evil republicans who deceived us all into toppling a tyrant and bringing freedom to the country he had terrorized?

What are your priorities here, Blue? Bush's humiliation or progress with Iraqi democracy?

And just think. Only 55,000 more American deaths, and the comparison of Iraq to Vietnam won't be asinine anymmore.

Go to hell, Barry. A vile and disgusting cartoon. I don't know one liberal who is "celebrating" in this fashion.

If you believe the war is worth the sacrifice, then stand up for it. If, however, you must win points by characterizing those who disagree with you in this fashion, then obviously you are not able to defend your support at this time.


There may be some who are represented by the "liberal" in this cartoon, but not many and none I know. I am very sad this day, so you can go screw yourself with the idea that people like me are celebrating!

PE, I suggest you drink less coffee and seek more counselling. Then get over yourself.

My priority is neither humiliating Bush nor progress with the Iraqi democracy. My priority is our country and to protect our democracy here. You may think it is ok for a president to lie to take the country to a war because he has a "good cause". Machiavelli was also thinking that way for many things. However, the vast majority of Americans do not think so.

P.S. PE, I agree that cartoon is disgusting.

CRB.. the cartoon is disgusting. It portrays liberals as sharing a drink with Islamist terrorists just because they are acknowledging the passing of 2000. The idea presented is that the liberals and the islamists have common cause. That is offensive and I will not get over it.

Barry, thanks for taking the cartoon down.

Your point regarding the scant coverage of the passing of the Iraqi Constitution is well taken. While I don't believe that this milestone eliminates the possibility of a civil war, its passage is a historic moment for that part of the world. The possibility still exists that those who gave their lives will do so for a worthwhile cause. I hope so despite my position on the war.

I guess Sen 'Blind Trust' Frist must also be a part of the lefty media since he felt it necessary to take to the Senate floor and announce the 2000th death and then ask for a moment of silence.

Merry Fitzmas, PE.

I'll wait to celebrate the birth of Jesus and I will try to remember the golden rule in the mean time. :)

" You may think it is ok for a president to lie to take the country to a war because he has a "good cause"."

here's some excerpts from someone who was a little closer to the subject than you or I.

If you're going to throw around wild accusations about blatant dishonesty, then I'll thank you to back it up with something, every single time that you do.

CRB.. the cartoon is disgusting. It portrays liberals as sharing a drink with Islamist terrorists just because they are acknowledging the passing of 2000. The idea presented is that the liberals and the islamists have common cause. That is offensive and I will not get over it.

I think you are reading your own bias into the cartoon when you identify the peacenik as a "liberal".

But the truth is that while peace activists and terrorists in Iraq do not share a common cause, they do in fact share a common goal.

Well, now I'm glad I missed the cartoon.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that there's not really much new about media focusing on death or sex instead of good news. Shock sells, baby.

Yes there was blatant dishonesty. That is more than obvious. Some facts that we know (there are probably many others that we dont) that make clear there was dishonesty:

1. Plamegate. It is clear that the White House knew Wilson's report at the time. They deliberately ignored him and they subsequently kept lying (i.e. Cheney in meet the press). Thats key.

2. Even if they did not believe Wilson then, they could had simply waited for the inspectors to complete their work, as the whole planet (with the exception of Tony Blair) was asking. What was the rush to take us to war??? Now we know that the only reason they wanted to start the war quickly was simply because they were afraid that the truth may come out (i.e. Wilson's report).

Comparing the goals of the peace activists to those of the terrorists is really a stretch. You're right in that neither group wants Americans fighting in Iraq. But they have different reasons for wanting this. The peace activists values those American lives and thinks they are being lost for an invalid reason. Most terrorists don't value life at all, from what I can tell.

You can compare goals of many groups to terrorists. Terrorists believe they are following the will of their god (although they go to extremes to punish the "infidels"). Many religious followers believe they are doing the bidding of their god in proselytizing (admiteddly less eqregious than suicide bombings, though annoying at times). So both groups seem to be bent on making their god happy. This is a common goal.

Well said, Tracy.

No, the islamists in power don't really believe it. They believe in the power of manipulation of their people for their agenda. To them, this is not about making God happy, though that is how they present it, this is about achieving their goals (Power).

Comparing an annoying evangelist (which is what you were doing) to a suicide bomber is quite more of a stretch than the one in the cartoon. One may take away your boobies on TV or beer on Sunday, but the other will get paid to obliterate you. Try some perspective.

I honestly don't feel like most of the peaceniks are serious about fighting the WOT at all. It's not just that we're in IRAQ, but that the war on the whole is so tainted by the "Bush regime" that they feel we should end all military offense entirely and start over with something like a "global test" or "international consensus"

The cartoon WAS funny. I can't believe some people call "The Boondocks" groundbreaking and harshly truthful when in reality McGruder is a blatant hateful racist, yet call something like this tasteless and crass. The only way I can say this best is from Family Guy "We've got to do something about this" "There's nothing you can do." "Oh, well I guess I just need to get a sense of humor."

Yeah, I don't really get that whole "Boondocks" thing either.

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