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Programming note

Last night I posted a cartoon on this site that didn't really belong where I placed it. It seems to have touched a nerve, and, since some of my regulars asked so "nicely," I have removed it.

The problem was not just that it offended some people, but that the cartoon itself detracted from my primary point about the lopsided, cock-eyed news coverage of recent major events in Iraq, and the almost ghoulish fascination with the magic number 2000.

I will share one personal anecdote before I leave the subject. On my way home last night, I passed what appeared to be a "2000 Party." I don't really know how else to describe it. I'm sure it was meant to be a candlelight vigil of some sort (there were indeed candles.) But there was also music, drinking, and anti-Bush signs and t-shirts. There was a big banner which read "NOT ONE MORE DEATH, NOT ONE MORE DOLLAR!" or some such, and lots of references to 2000 American dead.

Now granted, this was in Hoboken, so you know right off the bat that it's not necessarily typical or representative of... well, anybody, really, but the whole thing struck me as grossly inappropriate. To be fair, it probably morphed into something its organizers did not intend. I don't expect that any of the attendees were happy about losing 2000 brave men and women, but it was nonetheless obvious that they viewed this milestone as a shot in the arm to help further their anti-Bush agenda.

I didn't have my digital camera, alas, because some of the pictures would have made interesting posts. But later that night, when I saw the cartoon in question, I suppose it struck a chord. That doesn't necessarily mean that it belongs on this site, however. Sorry to those I've offended.


Funny, somehow the people offended by that cartoon seemed less offended when you quoted Atrios talking about how all conservatives are racist assholes.

My sympathy is limited.

Folks get offended because sometimes the truth hurts.

So, CRB do you really support what that idiotic cartoon was implying? Thats the truth for you? Unbelievable.

I missed that Atrios comment, but I have commented in response to all the liberal chatter regarding conservative racism in the wake of Katrina. Bush is not a racist, for instance. It is rediculous to call him one and I have attacked those who have called him that.

As far as "folks get offended because sometimes the truth hurts", that is nonsensical because it implies that anytime someone is offended it must because that there must be "truth" behind the accusation, smear, or insinuation.

It is an undeniable truth that the terrorists and anti-war activists share the same goal, the removal of American troops from Iraq.

Anti-war protestors in any war catch a lot of grief. But the bottom line is that in a lot of people's minds, the war in Iraq is not worth the sacrifice of 2000 American lives. A majority of Americans now believe it was a mistake to go to war in Iraq.

There were a lot of anti-war protestors during Vietnam, too, and that war didn't seem to accomplish much, either. There were few protestors during WW2, I understand, because that war was a necessary struggle to save the world from tyranny.

The administration never found evidence of WMD's in Iraq. They keep trying to tie Iraq to terrorism (and use 9/11/2001 whenever convenient), and at a minimum remind us of how much better off Iraq is without Saddam Hussein. That last part may be true, but it's not the way the war was sold to us initially.

I don't think it is at all a coincidence that Pres. Bush's father fought a war against Iraq (for different reasons, supposedly), never deposed Hussein, just rescued Kuwait. Then George W. Bush becomes President, and we go to war in Iraq again.
Only this time we are there much longer, more soldiers die, and we still have not been told when we will be withdrawing the troops.

And there are bigots who support George Bush. So you shared a common goal with bigots. So what.

I don't advocate our leaving now, but I do hope there will be a time when it is in our interest to leave Iraq. At that time, we may do exactly what the terrorists want. So what.

So what? Since you're the one who blew a gasket over the cartoon, you tell me.

Tracy: So you don't think that bringing democracy to Iraq is worth fighting and dying for?

PE: We've still got troops in Europe, for crying out loud. We fought WWII and after there was no more Hitler, we still felt that the situation would be dangerous for the recently freed democracies, and we still have yet to leave.

The South Koreans seem to be strongly of the opinion that Kim Jung Il's aggression is our fault, but there is always tremendous outcry whenever we look to pull our troops out from THERE.

So I guess what I'm getting at is, why are we talking about leaving? At a time when they have just taken historic steps towards democracy, why the hell would anyone want to focus on when we might withdraw and forgore our ability to help them fight the Zarqawis?

The cartoon was pathetic. I believe that we should leave Iraq immediately because is not in our interests to stay there. The terrorists probably like our presence there as this helps them with recruitment and developing their agenda in other muslim countries. Being in Iraq distracts us from the real war on terror. Instead of waisting time and resources in Iraq we should be going after Bin Laden and the islamic fundamentalist criminals who attacked us on 9/11. I believe that if the president was someone else more rational, Bin Laden would be in jail or dead by now. This administration is incompetent in every aspect, including the war on terror.

Adam.. If Iraq becomes stable but still wants our forces there, then fine. In Korea and Germany, we stayed to protect against the invasion of an outside country, not settling an ongoing civil war. The Kurds, for one, may want us to keep peace between them and the Turks. If that is the case, then fine.

CRB.. I blew a gasket over that cartoon and I will blow a gasket if I see it again. That cartoon went well beyond making the point that peace activists share "common goals" with terrorists.

I blew a gasket over that cartoon and I will blow a gasket if I see it again. That cartoon went well beyond making the point that peace activists share "common goals" with terrorists.

Actually, it didn't. But by all means, continue acting foolish.

No CRB. It did. PE is not acting foolish. You are.

Is this where I'm supposed to tell you both to "go to hell"?

You see. As I said, you are acting foolish, not him.


PE: I concur about the cartoon. I know better than to resort to "but YOU STARTED IT" tactics, usually, but I don't always have both feet as firmly planted out of grade school as I'd like to think :D

In any case, I stand with Barry on this one. Which is what I like about this blog--Barry's probably one of the most fairminded guys I read--AND I agree with him a lot of the time, too!

In any event, things like the cartoon tend to detract from any real points a person is trying to make, as Barry pointed out.

You didn't hear from WW2 protestors because the media knew that in order to finish the war as quickly as possible, morale and desire to finish it needed to be as high as possible. Nowadays, our media has the most disgusting messiah complex I've ever seen, thinking it is "their duty" to report as much negativity as possible, saying it's their "right" to do so. Apparently, supprt for troops and a cause is no longer "cool"
And if everyone would be kind enough to remember, Bush told us that this war would take us all over the world and a long time. Jesus Christ, stop bitching. This is what the 7-second sound bite gets you. Attention spans shorter than a fly's. Focus, people. Wars aren't won and lost in a day, and people die in wars, because death happens to be a major side effect of having pieces of metal hurled at you faster than the speed of sound. Our soldiers know that, and they still fight. Show some respect.

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