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This time the trial balloon was accurate

Bush has picked Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court. Granted, I had a soft spot for Janice Rogers Brown, but the truth is I'd settle for anybody who doesn't believe the Commerce Clause is a license for the federal government to do whatever it wants.

Does that include Miers? Who knows? Who knows anything about her, really, other than the fact that she's a sixty-year-old Bush crony who's never been a judge.

I'd like to think Bush knows something we don't, but my gut feeling here is that Bush has given the Democrats exactly what they wanted -- another Sandra Day O'Connor.


Or another Souter.

Any chance the REPUBLICANS in the Senate vote to reject the nomination?

I know next to nothing about Miers, but I admit to being concerned that she's never been a judge before. Even if there's no law requiring this, doesn't it make sense that before nominating someone to be one of the 9 most important judges in the country that this person be, you know, a judge?

Of course, it's somewhat consistent with Bush's many previous ideas, such as nominating someone to be Chief Justice who has never been a SC Justice before, and appointing a person to be head of FEMA who had no Emergency Management experience.

I think I'll lobby to become Secretary of Agriculture. I've never farmed before, but I've seen them on television, plus I've eaten products of farms. As an accountant, I think I'm perfect for the position.

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