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Oh look!

It's another Hollywood idiot whining about Bush. I'll give Donald Sutherland a B+ for hyperbole (Bush will "destroy our lives," "We're back to burning books in Germany!"), a C for crying, and an F for originality.

...but before I go any further... is there any reason I should give a rat's ass what Donald Sutherland thinks about anything?

No, I thought not.


Then why even blog about it? By doing so, you're stooping to the level of Hannity, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly, who, while trying to fill three hours of programming, go on and on about the stupid Hollywood types. Who cares what Sean Penn, and Richard Gere, and Martin Sheen, and Donald Sutherland, have to say about politics?

Of course, I've noticed that the above talk shows only rant about those celebs who are critical about the current administration.

Why would conservative talk shows "rant" about celebrities who AREN'T critical of the current administration?

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