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Why HRC voted against Roberts

Check out this recent straw poll over at Daily Kos. This might be a reason why we say Senator Clinton vote against confirming Chief Justice Roberts. Hillary comes out a distant fifth, after Dean, Clark, Edwards, and Feingold(!).

Granted, this poll only reflects the readership of Daily Kos, but that's pretty much Hillary's base. She may well need to take the center to win in the general election, but without her base she'll never even make it out of the primaries.

Hillary has to be alarmed that she fared so abysmally in this straw poll. I think she realizes the she's taken her base for granted in her recent lurch to the right. Triangulation, done properly, is a delicate balancing act, as yesterday's New York Times magazine points out. Look for Mrs. Clinton to tack back to the port side in days to come.