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3% less Corzine, Lautenberg

Uh, guys? Here's a bit of unsolicited advice. If your goal is to marshal public opinion to stem global warming by making dire predictions, you might want to identify other potential threats besides, you know, shrinking New Jersey.


Less of New Jersey can only be a good thing.

Interestingly enough, the whole "Global Warming" campaign began as just the opposite: human activity is bringing on the next Ice Age!

Read up on how this pathetic pack of lies has been engineered:


Well obviously, the engineering of the next ice age is actually a plot of the VRWC. I mean, the sooner we get another ice age...the sooner we get MAMMOTHS.

That's right. Big, hairy elephants running roughshod over the North American continent, stomping donkeys.

No, the Ice Age is a long term Big Oil strategy to REALLY run up energy costs.

You're not looking at the big picture, here. After the ice age ends, as it inevitably will, there'll be a mass extinction of the mammoths.

Which will then be buried by tons and tons of peat and topsoil released by the retreating glaciers.

And which will, eventually, become...what?

Thaaaat's right. Oil. Millions of barrels of domestically-produced light, sweet dessicated mammoth.

The man has vision.

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