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Alito rant of the day

One of the Kossacks is a bit, er, "upset" about the Alito nomination in general, and in particular about the "Italian-American" angle (emphasis in the original):

...I will be God Damn Fucking Dead And In a Hole In The Fucking Ground before I let you claim "Italian American" OR Roman Catholic as a fucking code phrase for batshit conservative reactionaries whose dismissal of womens' rights, civil rights, worker rights, and pretty much everything else that has made America great make it clear they think all those things are akin to something they would normally scrape off their shoes.

There's nothing fucking "Italian American" about being an ultra-far-right conservative jackass. You will not drag my heritage into this like you shoved Alito's well-groomed hand up Rosa Parks' corpse, or I will bury you, you loathsome little egg-humping fucker.

O-kaaaayyyy. (backing slowly away...)

(Hat tip: lgf)


It's almost, but not quite, as terrifying as being menaced by a quadraplegic poodle.

I mean, them quadraplegic poodles got angst and teeth.

I thought he was a Mexican. I'm sure we could have gotten a Mexican cheaper. I'm surprised the Bush Corporate Presidency didn't jump on this opportunity to match a willing worker with a willing employer and save us taxpayers a little money.

Okay, I'm pretty sure you're not really Kay Bailey Hutchison.

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