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Fifth night of "unrest" in Paris

...and they're still calling it "unrest". Why not just call it "intifada?"


Exactly. "Unrest" is what I experience when I've had too much spicy food. It hardly seems appropriate for what's happening over there.

Many of the youths targeting police were angry at the deaths of two youths, aged 15 and 19, who were electrocuted after they scaled the wall of an electrical relay station and touched a transformer.
Optimus Prime could not be reached for comment.

"Optimus, show us where on the doll they touched you...."

Add that to my list of things not to do.

1) Don't point tube-like objects (e.g. telephoto lenses) at M1A1 Abrams tanks when they're taking fire in combat zones;

2) Don't shoot your AK-47 into the air when fully armed F-16s are flying combat air patrol overhead;

3) Don't mess with Transformers, especially when they are in full combat deployment.

Frankly, I'm not suprised by his overreaction. The Autobots totally lost their direction and focus after they moved to France.

Hehe, this is the perfect example of why Liberalism Gone Wild is a bad, bad thing -- almost as bad as the Conservatism Gone Wild currently raping this country.

There wasn't even a single Panzer this time. The idiot French actually INVITED the fascists in!

I think the United States should rush to the aid of France and pass a U.N. RESOLUTION condemning this senseless islamofascist violence!

I think all of France should be seriously contemplating exactly why the unrestists are so angry at them.

Clearly, they brought it on themselves with inferior hygeine.

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