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Help from Israel

Haaretz has an interesting piece about how the Pentagon reached out to the IDF to solicit help in getting a handle on the IED problem in Iraq. The article itself is interesting and well worth a read, but this part pissed me off no end (emphasis mine):

Officially, Centcom (U.S. Central Command) is barred from talking directly to Israel -- it is supposed to do so only through Eucom (European Command) or Washington.

Unbelievable. Have we learned absolutely nothing during the past four years?


Well, in their defense, we Jews do control the world's media and all the western governments.

So we can't have anyone talking to us out in the open. That might give it all away, you see.

I guess the operating word here is "officially"...

Yeah. I doubt centcom will let idiot bureaucrats stand in the way of oh, you know, actually doing their jobs. Freakin Eurocom.

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