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This is nice

Here's some nice news from my hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts made a promise while he was a federal appeals court judge that he would judge a law student competition at Wake Forest University. While he has a new job, he's staying true to his word.

Roberts, who was confirmed to the U-S Supreme Court in September, will be one of three people who will judge a mock case involving two Wake Forest law students, who will pretend to be lawyers arguing before a federal appeals court. Two other appeals court judges will join Roberts.

Without making more of this story than it deserves, I'd just like to say that I find Roberts' attitude here refreshing. And yes, it does make me a bit more favorably predisposed to the man on a personal level. Kudos, Judge.


Wow, you bobbing on some neocon's cock, what a surprise.

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