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In the ruins of her ice water mansions

...when the waves...and the seasons...bring out their... dead... wait, how does that thing go? This isn't really a propos of anything, but today is the 30th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

I know you've got to see Lake Superior in person to fully understand, but I've always been fascinated that a ship that freakin HUGE could sink... in a lake.

Oh well. Some of the underwater pictures of the wreckage give me the creeps. Like this one.


I always liked Richard Jeni's take on that song:

And the waaaves hit the boat and they all drowned like raaaats...and their lungs filled up with waterrrrrrr

So...like I know that Bush didn't actually sink the boat, but how is it that the 30th anniversary happened in his administration? Just a coincidence? I don't think so. Next thing we'll hear from the White House is: "Who knew the 30th anniversary would happen like this? There's no way we could have been prepared."

Yeah, sure, Scotty...everybody -- and I mean everybody -- knew that this anniversary was coming. I mean...the Clinton White House had no problem dealing with the 25th anniversary -- You know why? Because that was a competent administration, that's why. If Bush didn't plant explosives in the hold of that ship, he might as well have.


has Gordon Lightfoot been sunk yet?

You know, that *is* a big lake!

Heh, yeah, I think I remember the Richard Jeni version. In a similar vein, I always preferred Robbie Fulks's straightforward "She Took a Lot of Pills and Died" to Elton John's sappy "Candle in the Wind."

Someone told me that Isreal would fit in Lake Michigan. (I'm sure there are some ROPers who think that is a good idea.) Superior is a whole lot bigger.

I think that it is sad
because they were so close to land.

I think that it is sad
because they were so close to land.

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