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Jen's corner

By popular demand, CN presents more biting and insightful political punditry from Jennifer Aniston.

So how about those elections? (Democrats won some stuff, right?) Maybe now we can eliminate racism and inequality so we can be more like France.

And then there's the war in that country that didn't even have BMWs. Nice job, Mr. President... NOT!!


OK, she's not very (OK, at all) politically astute, but she's at least on par with Babs, Ed Asner, the Baldwins, etc. That's got to say something.

Oh wait, that's not much of a defense.

Jennifer Anuston is just one more example of our nation's love affair with mediocrity.

Very true, Roger.

It galls me constantly when I see Hollywood sitting in front of some Senate committee posing as experts on some cause.

It seems that the congress prefers the glitterati rather than serious discourse on issues.

Yeah, doesn't she know that the buck stops with Lying Joe Wilson? (Political commentary should be left to licensed professionals like the blogger we have here.)

Damn fine lookin' mediocrity, though.

Personally, I think it's more of an example of our nation's love affair with boobies.

But what do I know?

Well, Republicans will always have Sarah Michelle Gellar. (Maybe she can drive a stake through Ted Kennedy.)

I think she's still just pissed that Angelina Jolie stole Brad Pitt from her.

But c'mon...it's Angelina freaking Jolie. Surely Aniston has to understand she's not even in the same freakin' food group.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

She's totally the poultry to Jolie's dairy

I you know what I mean.

though I'm not sure that I know what I mean. But I'm used to that.

I guess it would be fair to say that David Duke and the rest of the Grand Wizards fairly represent the Neocon point of view on all subjects. Wow, I wonder why the "liberally biased media" doesn't stick a microphone in their faces every time they need to know what the right is thinking?

Jennifer Anniston...who is she. I do like her acting. Except when she acts like this.

Do you think Jolie is a fan of Bush?

Well, I would like to hear what's really wrong with Bush, and not that he lied. They all have the same darn script. All I hear are excerpts of all the dems saying they agreed. Tonight still another video of Clinton. Why is it raining on one side of the car. hah...

Most people can see that Bush is the same spoiled lying cowardly punk criminal he has been his entire life. It is like watching half the nation buy into Jim Bakker -- horrifying.

Can't you see the man is insincere? Isn't it obvious what he is doing?

He is no conservative.

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