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Count me in.


I would vote for him. He didn't run and hide under a mountain like coward Chickenhawk Bush. Rudy did the leading while Bush hid -- only scurrying out for a quick photo-op after everything was completely safe and secure.

Reagan would have been right there too. He would have never ran away like Bush.

I'd vote for him. I'm just uncertain of how likely it is that he's going to go for it.

And I'm decidedly not going to get my hopes up.

People are trying to get Christopher Walken to run. I'd vote for him.

Just a feeling, but I'd bet that Rudy has more skeletons in the closet that haven't been found yet. That may not matter in NYC, but it will elsewhere.

Rudy should be ashamed of himself. He came out as a strong supporter of Bush in 2004, while he is a smart man and he knew how disastrous this administration is. He is a dishonest guy.

Did he do that? Well then I can't vote for him. He must have thought he was going to die from the cancer he had when he poked his nose outside after 9-11.

Rudy is a very dishonest guy. Almost as bad a Cheney or Bush.

He still had the balls to show his face and lead. Bush and Cheney dashed away with their feathers flying into their nuclear-proof bunkers, and then lied and said it was the normal protocol. Bullshit. They are simply cowards. Reagan was actually shot, and he didn't hide under his bed afterward.

I would take Rudy over Bush any day, that's for sure.

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