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Woodward pisses off the world

I haven't yet written about the latest Bob Woodward revelations for a simple reason: I had no idea what to make of them. I still don't.

But tell me, am I the only one who's begun to wonder whether Bob Woodward is in fact a closet Republican? He surely disappointed the entire "BUSH LIED!!" crowd with his book Plan of Attack, in which he portrayed a skeptical president convinced of Iraqi WMD evidence by George Tenet, who assured his boss it was a "slam dunk."

Woodward has also been very publicly critical of Robert Fitzgerald and his entire Plamegate investigation. Scooter Libby's defense team will have to be pleased with this new information. It doesn't exonerate Libby outright, but it can easily undermine Fitzgerald's case against him.

But the big question is, why now? Closet Republican or not, I think Woodward has managed to piss off pretty much everyone in the world by his dreadful timing, if nothing else. The Kos Kids are pissed off because this might ultimately help Libby, and they'd probably prefer he'd kept his mouth shut. The Bush team and Fitzgerald himself have to be pissed off because he waited so long to talk. Joe Wilson's just pissed off, period, and so are a bunch of other reporters.

Once again, I feel like we're right back at Square One, and it seems like nobody knows a damn thing.


Woodward is an attention whore.

I think you're wrong on this one, Barry. I think we know pretty much everything there is to know -- including who the original leaker *cough*George Tenet*cough* was, and how much damage was done to national security *cough*none, nada, nothing*cough*.

Plame's identity was (apparently) classified, so there remains the possibility that someone committed a crime in disclosing it, but there just doesn't seem to be any credible evidence that the leak occurred as part of a White House plot to discredit Joe Wilson, who seems to be quite capable of accomplishing that on his own.

There may be some additional stink here, but anyone who was hoping that this would bring down the Bush administration is going to find a lump of coal in their Fitzmas stocking this year.

Well, Patrick Fitzgerald has called for a new GJ on the leak according to reports today.

Don't have a clue why or what it means.

Hope to hell he won't replay the whole damn thing again for two more years.

Have to believe he is royally POed about this and what it does both to his Libby case and his reputation for thoroughness.

Strange how Fitzgerald, hailed as objective and neutral by Republicans, at least in the beginning -- isn't it funny how he won't just let this one go?

I mean, after all, you Neocon apologists have explained away all of the treason, lying, and obstruction of the Bush Administration with ease.

I wonder why this guy is so stupid?

Oh ... that's RIGHT. He was taken in a back room and brainwashed into becoming a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT.

I'm still OK with Fitzgerald. If he doesn't come up with another indictment from the second grand jury, I may start wondering just how much there is to find here.

I'll say it again: There may be some additional stink here.

The question is: Who's underwear needs changing?

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