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And I used to think Duke basketball fans were hardcore.

Loyal 10 Spot readers will recall an item a few months back about a Welsh rugby fan, Geoffrey Huish, who vowed to cut his testicles off if Wales upset England and then followed through. Well, the 31-year-old Huish is out of the psychiatric unit and now telling his story to the Sun. The tale, it seems, has gotten no less strange with the passing of time. Our favorite part: "Geoffrey, who says he has no history of mental illness, insists he was sober when he performed the DIY castration in his bathroom." We shudder to think what Huish is capable of when drunk. The account's most cringe-inducing detail is the fact that the self-castration took 10 minutes ("there was quite a lot of pain -- but I just kept going") because the cutters Huish used were dull. That hurt just to write.


I will never understand why people don't take a few minutes to sharpen their cutters before castrating themselves. It just seems so obvious. And he probably would have saved time in the end.

Now he qualifies for a Bush cabinet position with the rest of the ball-less Chickenhawks.

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