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A handy reference

Hey, guess what? Norman Podhoretz is not dead. Not only that, but he has penned an extremely helpful piece debunking the whole "Bush Lied!" lie.

I wasn't going to link to it initially, because many of his points have already been belabored on this site ad nauseum, but he has done such an amazing job of compiling all the facts into a single, concise essay that I'd encourage everyone to book mark it. We've got to keep on message, because there's a lot of disinformation out there.

I'm still disappointed that it's taken so long to mount a concerted response to this slander. My guess is that the White House thought it preferable not to keep the whole WMD issue front-and-center in the national debate, and therefore elected not to fight back. If so, it was a strategic miscalculation, and much damage has already been done.


As I've said before, explaning lies always involves weaving a long and complex web of "explanations" -- perhaps in the hope of exhausting the reader into conceding the point.

This article exposed nothing new. One by one, each explanation has already been torn down.

Bush lied. He is a liar. He continues to lie. Bush is a plutocrat and a traitor.

In Bailey's defense, Bush is a self-identified member of the Plutocrat party.

They'll be running as a third party in '08, I hear. God bless their strong-armed corporate cuddling.

Bush and now Cheney keep repeating the disingenuos "they had the same information as we did!" argument, to their demise.

Everyone knows that the White House massaged and obstructed what information was allowed to pass through to everyone else.

They even lie about lying.

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