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Did Porkbusters claim a scalp? It's being reported that the Senate is defunding the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere."

It would be a mistake to attach too much significance to a single earmark, a mere vapor droplet in an ocean of red ink, but movement in the right direction, even baby steps, is a welcome thing.


yeah well apparently they just blew that money on something else. No savings or refunds here. Thanks!

If whatever it's being spent on will benefit more than the 12 people the bridge would have benefitted? Fine by me.

Now that Republicans are in charge of everything, there is no such thing as pork. Republicans have very high moral and ethical standards.

If democrats were in charge of everything, there'd be no pork either.

Because it's against shari'a law.

I must admit, not even Republican majorities everywhere can stop the Pork King!


They defunded the bridge project, but Alaska will get the full funding amount. So there is no savings and Alaska can use the unearmarked money to build the bridge anyway.

Typical congressional BS.

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