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A terrific money-making idea

Walking through the East Village last night, I saw a guy with a tattoo on his forehead that read, "Fuck you!" and one on his chin that read, "I'm from New York." I presume the two comprise a single message.

Anyway, I was thinking. If Splogging doesn't work out for me, maybe I should spend the next couple of years getting trained in the technology of laser tattoo removal. Something tells me that five years from now, I'd have more business than I could handle.


Don't you have to be, like, a doctor for that or something? I'm just guessing.

When I was a kid, my dad said that if I got a tattoo, he'd come after me with the belt sander.

I don't think you have to be a doctor to operate a belt sander.

Getting training is too hard.

Just invest in the technology. All the money without the work!

Well, obviously it takes a highly educated and trained professional to install the tattoo, so it only makes sense that a doctor would need to remove them.

Bailey, sometimes I'm really not sure how deep the satire in what you write runs.

Pretty damn deep.

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