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Feynman on ID?

The older I get and the more years I spend as a student of politics, the more convinced I become that there is absolutely nothing new under the sun. The basic idea behind Intelligent Design is a case in point. It's been reformulated over the years, but at its core, the essential notion has been kicking around at least since Thomas Aquinas set forth his fifth proof for the existence of God.

The argument can be seductive -- what are the odds that certain highly complex structures and mechanisms could evolve as a product of random chance? It's reminded me of a great quote from one of my all-time heroes, the legendary physicist Richard Feynman. He was giving a lecture in Seattle once when someone employed the same fallacy, albeit in a different context. Feynman responded, "I had the most remarkable experience this evening. While coming in here I saw license plate ANZ 912. Calculate for me, please, the odds that of all the license plates in the state of Washington I should happen to see ANZ 912." Think about it.


Seductive argument, to Aquinas? Say three Hail Mary's, close your eyes, and LOL.

Where's Feynman when we need him? He'd be great at roulette. What ARE the odds that of all the blogjoints in this craazy, mixed-up world we had to end up here? This place HAS no intelligent design!

God spoke to me. He told me to come here for some reason. If you don't like what I have to say, you are AGAINST GOD.

I think that this was the most reasonable thing I've seen anyone write on the subject.

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