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I misread "Hi kulture" as "haiku" at first

who are these people
coming to Frogsdong's blog
looking for strippers...


At least they weren't the usual porn surfers who googled a couple of words that matched words on the blog by chance and went to investigate. The people who showed up were searching for "100 stripper march" and "stripper protest", and that is exactly what I was writing about, so it worked out correctly. But wow! So many! I have to hand it to those two boneheads at 101.5. It was a cheap, stupid, and clownish stunt, but they got the attention they wanted. They had to play Howard Stern copycats to do it, since Stern pioneered the extensive use of strippers on his radio show to draw attention, and they were miserable failures at it, as could be expected (if Howard Stern had called for a 100 Stripper March, he would have gotten 500, not 12), but they got their attention.

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