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The Kennedy/gym controversy

Like everyone else, I found this exchange between Senators Specter and Kennedy immensely entertaining. What seems to have amused my friends the most seems to be the revelation that Specter and Kennedy go to the same gym (snigger). The suggestion, of course, is that Mr. Kennedy hasn't seen the inside of a gym since approximately the Pleistocene Epoch.

But honestly, I don't think we're being altogether fair to the senator. I'm inclined to give him the benefit of a doubt here. Remember, lots of fat men go to the gym just to sit in the steam room. The idea is not necessarily ludicrous.

Of course I could be wrong. This could well be the only "gym" Kennedy has seen in the past decade. (That joke works better verbally than written. Get it? "Gym" and "Jim?" HA HA HA HA!!! I'm just a great person.)


My mind is whirring. Now,when I think I think of Ted Kennedy instead if Gym Kennnedy or Jim Kennedy now he's Jim Hennesy...or Gin Kennedy. It will slip out in conversation, I just know it.

The gym has a wet bar, Bazz.

Dammit, Barry :)

Does George W. Bush use the same "gym" with Kennedy or a different one? Or is it true that he stopped using the gym long time? My impression was that, at leat in the past, he was more into fitness that Ted Kennedy.

George W is actually the most physically fit president to hold office. As far as that's testable, I guess.

And he is probably the least intelectually fit president to hold office. As far as that's testable I guess.

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