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I'm watching the Alito hearings...

...on and off, as I'm able. Virginia's George Allen just got done speaking, and once again I'm absolutely mystified that so many Republicans continue to float his name as a GOP presidential candidate in 2008. What the hell are they thinking?

UPDATE: Looks like "Sheets" Byrd is on deck. Should be interesting.

UPDATE: It's hard to see where Byrd is going with this, but the gist of it would seem to be that WV's coal mine disasters are all Alito's fault.

UPDATE: What the hell? After listening to Byrd drone on and on for half an hour about coal miners, I assumed there would be some tie-in with, well, you know, Judge Alito. Instead, however, he abruptly yielded the floor without once mentioning the subject at hand.

I'm not the only one left perplexed. A Kos diarist predicted:

Byrd up now, on the Sago mine accident. Listen up. I have a feeling his tie in to Alito can make this a big moment.

...or... not, I guess. Apparently the speech was just leftover "morning business." What a waste of time. I think I need a break from this anyway.