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New Jersey news

Who saw this coming?

New Jersey Senate: Kean Takes the Lead

January 25, 2006--In the race to be New Jersey's next U.S. Senator, Republican state Senator Tom Kean Jr. now leads appointed Democratic Senator Robert Menendez 42% to 35%. Kean is son of a popular former governor.

I'm beginning to think that Jon Corzine's being elected governor was a far, far better deal than I realized at the time.


They'll replace Menendez with Lautenberg and change the law to enable him to vote twice in the senate.

Shit, you're right. Sometimes I forget what state I'm talking about here.

Don't worry, Barry. The latest I heard today on WABC was that it is a dead heat now. Your poll numbers I heard last week.

It is NJ, you know. Democrats always and forever, no matter how dissolute.

Truly the most infuriating state to me of all given the incredible stench from a corrupt one-party state.

Enjoy your new state, my friend!

The highest school standards (and cost/student!) and the lowest political IQ of the 50 states.

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