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Is there an almond shortage or something?

I'm a big almond butter fan. I like it better than peanut butter, and it has less saturated fat. I'm used to paying more for it than I would for peanut butter, but when I went to buy some yesterday I noticed that pretty much every brand had nearly doubled in price. What's going on? Is there some crisis on the almonds market that I missed?


Almond butter, like peanut butter, has all of the more expensive natural oil sucked out of it, which is then replaced with some industrial grade crap oil (usually hydrogenated).

Read the label (you know, the labels that Republicans fought fiercely against) and you will see the crap oil listed. If it is real peanut/almond butter, it doesn't need any other oil, of course.

Don't forget to thank the evil Democrats for giving you the chance to make a healthful choice.

You could just eat almonds instead. They're good for you, loaded with protein and good fats, satisfying, and pretty much nature's perfect food. But almonds HAVE gotten more expensive. I buy them at Trader Joe's, and the price has gone up a lot in the last year.

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