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Libs on Alito

Moonbat consensus is coming in pretty universally against Sam Alito. Most of these people, however, would oppose any Bush nominee even if it were Gloria Allred. These folks can safely be ignored; such mindless, reflexive opposition is merely noise.

When one begins to seek out principled liberal objections, the task becomes more difficult. At least with Robert Bork, the opposition groups had a veritable litany of concrete bullet points to recite. Much of the anti-Alito commentary I've seen on lefty blogs has to do with "feelings" and "impressions" and "just not believing" what Alito has to say.

Well, those feelings are all valid, and their owners are entitled to them. Selling such a subjective business is going to be a tough road, however. Still, they don't seem to have a heckuva lot else in the anti-Alito arsenal besides these rhetorical spitballs.

I mean, think about it. After months in which to perform opposition research, the Senate Democrats seem to be focusing on Alito's connection to "Billy's Secret Tree-House Club" back at Princeton, or some damn thing. Puh-thetic.

I had some doubts at first, but now, if things continue more or less in this vein, I think Alito is a shoo-in. There's no way the Democrats can mount (heh) an effective filibuster with this kind of paucity of substance. I predict a couple dozen blue state senators will vote pro forma nay's to placate their base, and Alito will replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the bench.

How good or bad that is remains to be seen. I predict he'll ultimately do some stuff I'll like and some stuff I won't. He wasn't my first choice, but he's a solid judge with solid credentials, and there are no compelling reasons for disqualification. Swear him in already.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, even Joe Biden seems to recognize what a farce these hearings have become.