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This seems like good news

Well, after a fashion, anyway. Examining the DNA of an already-executed murderer confirmed his guilt. It would suck had it turned out otherwise. I give Virginia credit for going ahead with the DNA analysis.


It's amazing how our legal system can work, even without secret torture centers, illegal indefinite incarceration without arraignment, etc ...

Of course, Neocon's see the general public as too stupid to understand the importance of stopping terrorism. The public couldn't be entrusted with these important matters, so the constitution should just be shredded and we'll let Georgy use his big smart brain to run American just any way he wants!

Way to stay on topic, Bailey!

Somebody has to make this place interesting.

I'm glad Governor Warner ordered the test. It's a comfort, after a fashion. Still not a death penalty proponent, but at least an innocent man wasn't killed. What was Coleman thinking?

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