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Too good to be true

John Shaddeg (R - AZ) has officially entered the race for House leadership, challenging Blunt and Boehner for the position of majority leader.

Must. Not. Get. Hopes. Up....


what's the significance?

Hey, Barry, what do you have to say about your friend Mr. Shadegg's flip-flop on term limits?

"In his first congressional campaign, Shadegg promised he would abide by the six-year limit set by Arizona voters. That limit, however, was declared unconstitutional, and Shadegg now feels the tug of his broader responsibilities. "The people who are honoring the six-year term limit are the ones with the most revolutionary zeal, and they're the ones that are leaving," he recently told the Arizona Republic, explaining his defection. In other words, Shadegg thinks people like himself who support term limits must go back on their word to prevent people who are really against term limits from getting elected."

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That's about as prime an example of Republican twisting of oneself into a pretzel in order to justify one's own self-serving views as I've ever seen.

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