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With opponents like these...

No matter how dire things get for the Republicans, there is one secret weapon they can always count on to save their bacon -- the the Democrats.

Despite a lackluster showing in 2005 elections for the GOP, the Republican National Committee raked in better than $100 million last year and enjoys its largest cash-on-hand lead over its Democratic counterpart in more than a decade.

For the year just passed, the RNC brought in nearly $102 million -- give or take a few hundred thousand -- and had $34 million in the bank. The Democratic National Committee raised $51 million in 2005 but showed $5.5 million on hand at the end of the year.

Not only are the Democrats woefully underfunded, but they seem hell-bent on squandering what meager coin they do have in an attempt to unseat one of their own -- Joe Lieberman. Broke and stupid. What more could you ask for in an opposition party?


Part of this may be that the Democratic 527s are now the recipients of party donations as many from the left don't trust the national party to use their funds wisely.

Yeah, but the 527s, I think, are much more likely to disappear their cash down sinkholes like Paul Hackett, or targeting their own safe seats in Connecticut.

ok how old do you have to be before you're lame enough to actually give your own hard earned money directly to politicians?

'cuz i'm like 31 and no one i know and especially no one younger than i would ever give two squirts to the Dems or Repugs. Y'know, if 'we' donate at all, it's probably to the homeless or the Humane Society.

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