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Changes here at CN

As you've probably noticed, this site has a bit of a new look. The more significant changes occurred under the hood, however. We are now running on a new server, and that makes me very happy.

Although the old server is never coming back, I'm not wedded to the new look/feel, so I'd appreciate any feedback on the interface. That's something we can always tinker with until we get it right.


don't like it. don't like anything, for that matter.

I like it, though I was "used to" the construction of the "old place."

I'm sure it'll grow on people.

I like the "contacts" at the top of the page.

Fred, you don't count. But the rest of you should not be shy. I have next to nothing invested in the site design (it's pretty much a default template.) All the real work went into the server migration. Say what you don't like, but the more specific the suggestions, the more helpful they are.

I'm with you, JMK. If we do stick with this one, it'll take some getting used to for me too.

Discussion Board right there at the top, where even moonbat can find it.

What's not to like?

I meant to write 'a moonbat'. I wish comments would allow edits.

Hey, there's an idea. Can you allow edits for comments? Or am I simply going to keep make dumb mistakes that I only catch aftr I've posted?


Congratulations on the move. I like the new look. I love the way the colors look on my computer screen. :o)

I hate it, I hate you, and I hate your ugly face!

Though if you put all those things aside, I really do prefer this look. I stand with K on that one--something about this design looks much smoother on my screen.

I like it.

And as long as the colors brown and green are avoided, I'll continue to like it. ;)

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