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House leadership vote

All right, I'm a political junkie, I'll admit. I may be the only person I know who thinks that today's vote is a big deal. To me, the outcome will signify whether today's Republican leadership bears any lingering resemblance at all to the people I helped elect to power in 1994. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: For those who care (both of you) Shadegg just dropped out, forcing a runoff between Blunt and Boehner.

UPDATE: According to The Corner, the first ballot was 110 for Blunt, 79 for Boehner, and 40 for Shadegg. This is disconcerting, because it means Boehner will have to take almost every Shadegg vote to surpass Blunt. I know Shadegg supporters are likely to oppose Blunt, but the need for near-unanimity here is worrisome.

UPDATE: "Do you believe in miracles?!" (<=imagine voice of Lake Placid guy here.) My God, I've just heard a rumor that Boehner pulled it out (heh) in a squeaker. Oh God oh God please let it be true! More when I can confirm....


I am disappointed that Shadegg dropped but he probably realized he couldn't win.

Boehner vs. Blunt; sort of like picking sides in the Iran-Iraq War. What a refreshing change for the House GOP: from oily, slimy Tom DeLay to a guy (Boehner) who once handed out ON THE HOUSE FLOOR checks to legislators from the tobacco industry. Beautiful. The more things change, NOT

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