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Spineless crapweasels

Yes, I'm talking about the French.

With everything else going on lately (Alito) I have neglected to give proper attention to the scandal involving Danish cartoons which began last fall. The cartoons, which included caricatures of the prophet Muhammad, triggered an anti-Danish (or, more accurately, anti-Western) backlash throughout parts of the Muslim world.

In an impressive display of solidarity, many newspapers throughout Europe reprinted the cartoons this week. So far, the only break in the ranks has been in... guess where?

In Paris, the daily newspaper France Soir fired its managing editor after it republished the caricatures Wednesday, and Pakistani protesters chanting "Death to France!"

Way to surrender there, Francois. The French government also got in on the act.

The publication by French Soir drew a stern reaction from the French Foreign Ministry. While it said that freedom of expression is dear to France, the ministry "condemns all that hurts individuals in their beliefs or their religious convictions."

I wonder where the French government's headscarf ban fits in with this warm and fuzzy religious tolerance?


The reason that the editor of French Soir was fired is thatthe owner of the newspaper is French-Egyptian. It has NOTHING to do with the French goverment. It is certainly unacceptable and they should hire the editor back. Anyway, as I said before, I hope our newspapers also re-publsih the caricatures. Why haven't they yet?

Very good question, Blue. Don't know.

And by the way, I think I caught WaPo editing their news stories on their site. I'm 99% sure that in an earlier version of their story, it did indeed say that France-Soir was owned by an Egyptian magnate. After I refreshed the story, however, that reference seemed to be gone. I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining things, and I'm looking through my browser cache right now to see if I can prove it.

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