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The grinning idiots over at DU are having a lot of fun talking about Alito's "surprise" split with the court's conservative wing on his first vote. Here's a sampling:

FReepers are shitting all over themselves.

Conservatives are wringing their hands today... which is more polite to say than "shitting their pants...."

He may turn out to be a Souter

There is a list of his decisions on Wikipedia, and I agree with more of them than I disagree with.

Look, I did my fair share of gloating over this vote myself, so I certainly can't fault them for that. But at the same time, aren't they being a bit disingenuous here?

There are the very same people who, as recently as a day ago were insisting that Alito's ascension to high court heralded the very end of our republic. His confirmation by the Senate was equivalent to a repudiation of the Constitution. Any Democrat who dared vote for him was anathematized as a traitor. Hell, any Democrat who even voted to vote on him was anathematized as a traitor.

And now they're giddily rubbing their hands together about how the "Freepers" and the conservatives might have been "wrong?" Hello? Earth to mirror! Talk about his being the "next Souter?" This they do with no perceivable hint of irony or embarrassment at their recent breathless, over-the-top rhetoric. Being a moonbat means never having to acknowledge the fallacy of your countless conspiracy theories and doomsday scenarios, I guess. It's an excellent indication that even the majority of the moonbats don't even buy their own hysterical crap.


Wait a second Barry. That was one (1) vote. You may still be very wrong. Alito could still prove to be (Sc)alito. However, I agree that whoever celebrates now among democrats for that one vote is, at the very least, idiotic.

Actually, the ACLU is a lot less "non-partisan" than it used to be, IMO. I still think they do more good than harm, and I'm glad they exist. I haven't been altogether happy with their increased partisanship of late, however.

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