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Memo to Democrats

If you guys wish to be taken seriously on matters of national security (a precondition for electoral success on a national level, IMO) then you should know that stuff like this is not helpful.

Look, I just don't get this stuff. I don't want Iran to have nukes. I don't think that's a good thing for the world. I certainly didn't want Pakistan or India to have nukes. But is a nuclear Iran really a threat to us? Certainly an Iran-with-nukes could blow the hell out of a city or two, but an Iran that did such a thing would pretty much cease to exist.


I agree completely with you on that. Iran is a real threat and the democrats should not
be expressing positions like that if they want to be taken seriously on national security. BUT, there is one more thing I believe that you will disagree:
The republicans can NOT be taken anymore seriously on national security after the Iraq fiasco. This administration has lost completely the respect of the majority of the country after the lies and the whole Iraq disaster. Believe it or not, that's a fact. At least the democrats have a chance to be taken seriously.

Blue, the Republicans and Bush have certainly lost credibility on the whole issue as a result of Iraq. I don't think there's really any disputing that. I don't think it necessarily helps the Democrats, though, particularly when the same old pacifist stereotypes keep getting reinforced. I think the perception among many is that the Republicans screwed this one up, but that the Democrats are still pacifist at their core, and too hesitant to employ military force when required.

You have a good point. But thats exactly why Hillary Clinton plays hawkish. She is positioning herself to win. She is very smart.

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