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Defending Hillary

You're kidding, right? Abortion-rights absolutist Kate Michelman is pissed off at her erstwhile ally Hillary Clinton for contributing to Bob Casey's senate campaign.

The nation's most prominent pro-choice spokeswoman blasted Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for giving $10,000 to right-to-life Pennsylvania Democrat Bob Casey and accused the former first lady of "putting politics over principle."

"When push comes to shove, at certain times, [Clinton] will support the party even if that choice does not reflect all their standards and principles," Kate Michelman, former longtime head of NARAL Pro-Choice America, told The Post.

Clinton, a darling of the pro-choice community, is taking heat from the activist for giving the maximum donation allowable under law to pro-life Senate hopeful Casey through her political committee, HillPAC.

Unbelievable. What does this idiot woman expect? Casey isn't running against Arlen Specter, after all. He's campaigning against Rick Santorum. Rick. Effing. Santorum. A Republican caricature so cartoonish and so socially conservative I would vote for Casey myself if I lived in Pennsylvania.

It's fine if Ms. Michelman doesn't feel led to contribute to Mr. Casey's campaign herself, but when she takes the step of condemning her natural allies for doing what most people would consider a no-brainer, she is so far lost in the wilds of ideological purity that she is no longer helpful to her side.

Christ, single-issue activists can be so annoying....


Although I truly think that Republican allegations against Democrats catering to special interests such as NARAL are exaggerated, I don't see any reason why they need more than a mere endorsement from NARAL anyway. Who cares if you get a 70% rating or 100% rating? If you say that you support Roe vs. Wade, the vast majority of pro-choicers will support you.

- Jersey Perspective

So Barry, you're endorsing Hillary? A bold move for a conservative.

I believe Hillary is preparing for a run in '08, even though she's going to go down in flames faster than Monica went down on Bill.

Being pro-choice is not a requirement to be a Democrat. For God's sake, the Senate Democratic Leader is pro-life!

The only real issue that unites Democrats is the New Deal. Been that way since the 30s, still true today. Democrats agree to disagree on foreign policy and social issues, but if you don't support activist government programs as a general principle, you are not a Democrat. Even Zell Miller is a Democrat on this basis, despite being conservative on every single other issue.

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