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Best Amazon reviewer ever

This guy is my hero.

(Of course, with a product as great as the toilet monster, all the reviews are pretty good.)


Great reviews! Aside from the Toilet Monster, he reviewed a Heavy Bag:

If I had had one of these when I was a kid, I probably would have spent many hours punching it instead of becoming a homosexual ballet instructor. BUY ONE FOR YOUR BOY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!"

...A calculator:

"I like this calculator very much, however I caught my son Jeremiah writing obscenities with it the other day. I thought it said 5318008, but when turned upside down, it said BOOBIES. It's kind of like when they put them satanical messages in the rock and roll music. Surely this is the work of the devil."

...And the Beatles Rubber Soul Album:

"I don't know why more people haven't heard of these guys. They're pretty good! They're like the "Rolling stones" of their time."

All this guy's reviews are pretty damned funny.

Yeah. I was telling my wife that the funniest part was that someone would actually take the time to select 50 or so random products on Amazon and write fake reviews for them. She replied, "Or that someone would take the time to read them? Hello?"

Oh, the guilty pleasures of Amazon.

Actually, the guy is pretty funny...he's wasting that talent, if that's his only outlet.

Hee! Thanks for sharing that. :o)

I'm a bit late coming to this one - but damned if you didn't earn a bookmark for pointing me to those reviews!

Of course the Wife thinks I'm an idiot for laughing out loud at my computer screen...

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