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Doing my part

As regular readers probably know, I don't do boycotts. I don't, however, have any qualms about patronizing a certain entity for political reasons (I'm odd that way.)

We're having some people over to the house this weekend, so I think I'm going to pick up a case or two of Danish beer. It's a departure from my usual choice of American pale ales and IPAs, but what the hell.

If anyone else is interested in drinking Danish this weekend, Carlsberg and Tuborg are probably the most popular and widely available brands. Carlsberg's Elephant Beer, however, is also fairly readily available and has a much higher alcohol content, which is probably why we drank so much of it in grad school. It also has a cool-ass elephant on the label. What party would be complete without it?


Elephant Beer! What memories of being in high school and a bunch of us getting a six pack or two and getting bombed on 2 bottles apiece. Then driving home for dinner with the folks. Ah, to be 17 and living in the '70s again....

And conversely, buying a case of ABC Beer for about $5 and barely getting a buzz.

Whilst on the subject of elephants, parties and strong beer:


I had a hell of a lot of fun on a leftie dominated graphics forum talking about this brew immediately after the US 2004 election. There was some consternation... ;-)

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