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The Minnesota Vikings of Politics?

I think there's a growing perception that a big Democratic win in the November mid-terms no longer looks as inevitable as it did a few months ago. Nobody, however, has phrased it as eloquently as this.

As Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid stumbled to the scrimmage line deep in their own terrritory, pinning their electoral hopes on a Hail Mary play involving disgraced lobbyists and banished GOP pols rather than anything resembling a policy agenda, the Democrats' troubles grew ever more grave on the frozen tundra that is mid-term politics: Even their own supporters are openly saying that the Donkey Party's hopes for evening the score in Congress this fall are going down faster than a Clinton-era White House intern.


If current polls are accurate, the GOP is down three Senate seats as of now, which means they'd still have their majority if the election were today.

I'm guessing that with the new GOP leadership and the labor market starting to tighten, and the war in Iraq winding down, that the Democrats can't go anywhere but down unless they come up with a compelling policy agenda.

Santorum's losing his seat no matter what. But hell, F**k him. He's an example of addition by subtraction.

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