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Mr. Six revealed

For all who care, the identity of "Mr. Six" is finally revealed.

Maybe it's just me, but I always thought the guy was kinda creepy. Is that just me?

He's not as creepy as that goddamed Burger King, though.

(Hat tip: Treach)


Creepy and at least in the case of the Burger King "King" UNBELIEVABLE.

I mean NO ONE can play tackle football in a cape.

I have seen old guys dance though...usually they're drunk and they more or less stumble around, but I've seen THAT, so "Six" isn't quite as unbelievable.

"I mean NO ONE can play tackle football in a cape."

Really? Tell that Superman!

Alright, there always are exceptions...but who'd play with Superman?

after all, he can fly!

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