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Help for Rick Santorum?

Just when you thought Rick Santorum was dead meat, he may be receiving help from the unlikeliest of places. Remember last month when I castigated abortion activist Kate Michelman for criticizing Hillary Clinton? (Hillary had committed the unpardonable sin of supporting Santorum's Democratic opponent in Pennsylvania's upcoming Senate race.) Now she's gone one further -- she's actually contemplating entering the race herself.

Normally I enjoy watching Democrats form a circular firing squad, eating their young, or whatever metaphor you want to use, but Rick Santorum is one Republican that I'd truly love to see defeated this year. The moonbat left seems bound and determined to do as much heavy lifting as possible for Karl Rove and the GOP, but in this case I wish they'd go do it somewhere else. I mean, can't she run against Joe Lieberman or Dianne Feinstein or something? God knows her residency won't be an obstacle.


You are right. I completely agree with you on that.

Seriously? Oy. Sometimes I despair just a little bit.

Don't despair K, it's always been this way with the Democrats.

Way back in the 1930's Will Rogers said something like, "I don't belong to any organized Pary, I'm a Democrat."

Some of the wackiness on the Democratic side right now comes down to the struggle between the hard Left and the rest of the Party over what both expect could be big gains.

I don't know why the die-hard Liberals in that Party simply refuse to recognize and accept that any victory by that side would be a Pyrrhic one, as it would surely result in a Carter-Redux and their almost immediate defeat and banishment (a la Carter) and an undoing of all the "progressive changes" they were temporarily able to install.

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