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More GOP polling reports

I can't remember the last time that GOP straw polls so accurately reflected my own preferences for a presidential candidate (Oh wait, yes I can! Never.)

Yes, I know I shouldn't get my hopes up. Yes, I know it's ridiculously early. Yes, I know Rudy is pro-choice. Yes, I know McCain is unpopular with some conservatives. But results such as these have been fairly stable for more than a year now. When do we begin taking them seriously?


Both Rudy and McCain are terrible. And I am someone who used to like McCain a lot. Of course they are both far better than Bush, but that does not say much.

"When do we begin taking them seriously?"

October, 2008 -- but have the salt shaker handy.

Your boy Mcpain is setting his sights on shutting down the blogs. Thought you might want to know that...


Interesting poll numbers Barry, but in a Primary, both McCain and Guiliani will be fighting for the Moderate Republican vote, the more Conservative base will look elsewhere.

More surprising to me is that Gingrich, who only recently made himself available polls third.

I don't whether or not Gingrich will become the leading "Conservative" candidate or not, but someone, will have to.

Hillary Clinton is certainly the Democratic frontrunner. The Dem nomination seems to be hers for the taking, despite her alienating the Democrat's Liberal base.

I'd have liked to see Condi Rice in the race, but that looks like a long shot.

I do think that Hillary would carry a tremendous amount of baggage into any campaign. McCain and Frist can be linked to this administration by their staying loyal on certain key issues and serving as members of the GOP majority during Bush's tenure. Not a problem with me, but could be with fence sitters.

Both Guiliani and Gingrich don't have that link, as they haven't been in government over the last five years.

McCain/Kennedy 2008

what a pair!

Newt got 7%?


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