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More referrer log fun!

Today's neat fact: If you Google "I need pictcher of yemen," this site comes up first.



Okay, what the heck is "wOOt"? I've seen that before but I have never heard what it was.

Here is Wikipedia's entry on the word w00t. What I find fascinating is that the "neutrality" of this article has been called into question. I guess *anything* can be fraught with controversy these days.

Thanks. I was wondering.

Yeah, etymology, it's all politics. Words, it's not what you spell, it's who you spell.

How do you suppose I found this place?

I on line game all the time, wOOt has become part of my everyday vocabulary.


Don't diss the w00t! I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!

I'd also suggest looking at the discussion section for that article. it's disturbingly active.

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